Best Way To Fix 4.4.6 Mail Loop Error

Best Way To Fix 4.4.6 Mail Loop Error

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Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported the 4.4.6 Mail Loop bug.

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    4.4. five Too many jumps. Most likely, the whole message is a cycle.

    Message Delayed: Network Problem Caused New Email Loop

    What does possible mail loop mean?

    Some messages fail with the error “hop count exceeded – possible mail loop”. This is then repeated until someone, having connected to the servers, decides to completely intercept the same message ID over and over again. To solve this dilemma, you need to make sure that your Internet mail is configured to receive these thoughts. This may be a setting desired by the user.

    The email message should not have been delivered yet because there could be a network issue causing a routing loop, causing the email to be forwarded without interruption.


    What does it mean when an email has too many hops?

    The message “Jumps too different” means that the email went through the bus to several mail servers before reaching only the last one, which rejected it. This means that you have set the transition threshold too low, or the email has been looping. For example, if a trader has two accounts and transfers to another, this can lead to a kind of endless cycle.

    Try entering the recipient’s email address twice to make sure it’s correct and try sending the message again.

    If that doesn’t work, consider contacting the recipients using a different email address.

    4.4.6: Official Definition

    [RFC3463] (Standards Track) Internet Engineering Task F definitionsorce (IETF) for these programs starts with 4.X.X:

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  • Permanent temporary impossibility is a situation in which the sent information is only valid if indulgence in the temporary condition caused you to abort or delay your attempts to send the message. Attaching this PIN to the delivery report may cause future error installation to look like success.

    [RFC3463] (Standards Track) Definition of code ending in X.4.6, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF):

    The forward loop was causing the message to be sent too often, either due to bad routing tables or a very convenient forward loop. This is vital as it is just a constant business mistake.

    It’s frustrating to receive an error message after a well-sent email. This section describes what to do if error codes 5.4.6, 5.4.14, and possibly other error codes associated with n email routing loops on non-delivery (e.g., delivery denied, message, status notificationdelivery or DSN).

    Why Did I Get This Transition Message?

    error 4.4.6 mail loop

    The most likely cause is that the number of alert hops has been exceeded, or that the main route that carries communications is interrupted. Some suggestions and solutions are presented in this main section.

    error 4.4.6 mail loop

    5.4.6 indicates a mail loop or even a routing problem on the local Exchange server that you are likely to experience in a hybrid environment.

    5.4.14 indicates a mail routing or mail loop issue in Exchange Online.

    How do I fix too many hops emails?

    There’s not much you can learn to fix an email rejection that says “rejections are too different.” If you think another email redirect loop is causing your error, you can contact the person with the loop using an alternative method other than the email address that is in the loop.Ended up causing an error.

    The information here applies to the entire range of usage of error codes from 5.4.6 to 5.4.20. Use the information in some NDRs to help you decide how to fix the problem.

    I Received A Rejection Message Before. How?

    Usually, only the Exchange Online administrator can resolve these issues, not the average email sender. Contact your email administrator and look for this information so they can try to resolve the issue for you.

    I Am An Email Administrator. How To Solve This Problem?

    OverwhelminglyMost of the most common problems and their solutions are described in the following sections.

    Accepted Domain Issues

    How do I fix hop count exceeded?

    Add the subdomain as an accepted domain. To do this, run the following command: PowerShell Copy.To automatically sync committed storage space added to Edge Servers, run the following command: PowerShell Copy. Start-EdgeSynchronization.

    Make sure the recipient’s domain is designated as an authoritative domain and is accepted by Arena Exchange Online. For more information, see Manage accepted domains in Exchange Online.

    Hybrid Configuration Issues

    If your domain is part of a hybrid deployment between Exchange and Exchange Online, check the items below when you set it up.

    You are forwarding all incoming email to your online Amalgam domain exchange

    This error can also occur if your hybrid domain’s MX record points to Exchange Online, and the connector that should route mail from Exchange Online to your on-premises Exchange organization can be configured to optionally use DNS routing smart host routing.< /p>

    To resolve this issue, configure a dedicated connector for a hybrid environment. This plugin uses smart host.routing and therefore configures the local hybrid host as a smart host. The easiest way toTo solve the most difficult task – re-run the hybrid configuration wizard on your on-premises Exchange that you want to organize. You can also test the formation of a generic connector by doing the following:

    New EAC
    1. Open Microsoft 365 admin center, and then also click admin center > Exchange (you may need to click … demo first). A new screen will appear.

    2. In Exchange the Admin Hospital (EAC), click Mail Flow > Connectors.

    3. Select the connector used for hybrid mode, then click on it. Start=”4″>

    4. Below

    1. Make sure the host is set to the correct IP address and possibly FQDN for subtle nutritional advice in your on-premises Exchange organization.

    Classic EAC
    1. Open the Microsoft 365 admin center, and then click Admin > Exchange Power (see below)First you need to click “…show all”.

    2. In the left pane of the new EAC screen, click Classic EAC.

  • In the left pane, click Letters. The home page of the mail flow screen is displayed.

  • Go to the “Connectors” tab.

  • Select the connector for the hybrids you use only and click “Edit “.

  • Go to the E-mail screen How would you like to forward messages.

  • Make sure you have the correct smart host IP address or FQDN in your on-premises Exchange organization.

  • You route nearly all of your outgoing Exchange Online email through your on-premises hybrid server

    This configuration is likely controlled by the value of this RouteAllMessagesViaOnPremises parameter on the connector used for the hybrid type. If the valuable content of this parameter is $true, you are indeed routing all outbound messages from Exchange Online through the on-premises hybrid node. You can check this value by replacing withwith your value and running the following command from

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