How To Fix Nx Client Error?

How To Fix Nx Client Error?

Last week, some readers came across an nx client error. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s look at them now.

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  • Hello

    I had a situation where my installation always worked fine on Mac clients and not on Windows clients.

    In server.cfg:

    Enable NX 1 Client Authentication

    AcceptedAuthenticationMethods Mac, nx password, nx private key

    on Sometimes authentication schemes work. Windows, not one, but a parameter works:

    EnableNXClientAuthentication 0

    Fix verbose authentication.

    Any ideas? So far, I haven’t found anything that I might be missing to get it working when the patient is a Mac.


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  • Have you included instructions for configuring NoMachine to use SSL client validation?

    I have reviewed them myself on different platforms to make sure everything works correctly.

    The enablenxclienauthentication activation key supports SSL client authentication and is disabled by default. Setting the idea key value to 1 allows core clients to directly connect to the server with the certificate added (explained here:

    Yes, I followed the server setup and maintenance, NX password and authentication work when connected from a Mac. When logging into Windows, a password authentication failure is openly reported as a “lost login” without a username or password. When logging into Windows, problems with NX authentication are reported as “Error 5: I/O Error”.

    I have two problems:

    With the same software transcription, nx_client_rsa_key file, and session information, Mac will work, but Windows won’t.

    If you set EnableNXClientAuthentication to 0, password authentication will work. Why?

    When debugging to 7, null in the logs indicates what might be wrong with the configuration, which isn’t surprising since it worked on a Mac at the time.

    The error messages that a person sees in the player appear when, perhaps, the client certificate is not evaluated on the server. Could you try to find similar entries for server side logs? Usually in nxerror.log there are such errors:

    65245 6659 16:40:04 116.519Encryptor/Encrypted: ERROR! Certificate missing from Support/NoMachine/var/nx/’/library/application.nx/config/server.crt’..
    65245 6659 16:40:04 116,589 Encryptor/Encrypted: ERROR! The client certificate could not be trusted.

    If you have such data, make sure everything is set up correctly on the client side and on the server side. When you add a client certificate, you take into account its IP address, so it might be worth checking if it’s up to date.


    Thanks for the solution. I have generated new keys and correct new server.crt file, this is for testing:

    Here is nxerror.log:

    355 507 16:13:54 531.155 ServerNetworkInfoHandler: WARNING! Failed to get network data.

    Info: The handler started with PID 839 on Thu, Nov 16, 16:15:09, Aug 8, 2018

    Info: Connection management from port 53353 on Thursday

    nx client error

    839 851 16:15:15 101.381 Encryptor/Cryptor: Decryption failed! Reading BIO right pending 126 pending reasoning better try again 0.

    839 851 16:15:15 101.420 Crypster/Crypster: ERROR! The transcript is read from the unsuccessful biography only in the context of [D].

    Error: faileddecode BIO context in [D].

    839 851 16:15:15 101.444 ATTENTION! channel/channel: Runnable DaemonReader cannot be used for FD#5.

    839 851 16:15:15 101.452 channel/channel: ATTENTION! Error 74 is bad news.

    Attention! Failed to connect from port 53353 on Thursday, November 8 at 16:15:15 2018

    Warning. Connection error: “Bad 74, message”.

    Info: Handler PID 839 ended on Thursday, Nov 8, 16:15:15 2018

    Initial line server.crt:


    We weren’t ready to reproduce the issue yet, but would be happy to investigate it ahead of time. What version of NoMachine do you choose for client and web server side? We highly recommend using the latest packages.

    Can you send us server and site logs? Visiting your Mac’s server.crt certificate can also be useful. Submit it to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.

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    Everything was the latest version, 6.3.6. I can send logs.

    nx client error

    Thank you!

    Thanks for the files you sent us, I’ll look them over. We areWe also want to take a look at the files on the consumer side. Could you reproduce the failed login again, I would say take the whole .nx folder from your windows and send it to us?

    The .nx folder is simply placed in, for example, C:/Users/username/.nx

    Please also move us the “server.File crt” which will be on the server side for /var/NX/nx/.nx/config

    Thank you for your reply. The various requested files are usually in the path.

    Thank you for the files you and your family sent us. It looks like you’re missing a private key and client-side certificate. Could you put nx_client_rsa_key and nx_client_rsa_key.crt in C:UsersFred.nxconfig and try logging in again?

    These files are the first zip file I sent. I can send them to you.


    I followed your advice and placed the key in the .nxcofig directory. At this point, I still couldn’t login, the error was Accept “Unable to login”.

    Using the programmed client, I imported the key back into the lesson file, this time using .nxconfignx_client_rsa_key. Parameters of oneLovec, which I pre-sorted Downloadsnx_client_rsa_key. This is a responsive formula that I can associate with keys rather than a password.

    Normally everything is fine, thanks for the help!