Using Multiple Monitors In Windows XP Easy Fix Solution

Using Multiple Monitors In Windows XP Easy Fix Solution

It appears that some users have encountered an error message when using multiple monitors on Windows XP. This issue can occur for a number of reasons. We will review them now.

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    From any Start menu, select Control Panel (some views may require you to go to Settings first), then double-click the Display icon. Open the “Settings” tab. Select the One Way icon (or select it from the Display drop-down list) • Make sure the Use this device as my primary monitor check box is selected.

    Are you really a power user, constantly burdened with a cluttered personal PC? So many programs, many of which are open, take up the entire taskbar. You move from one window to another, which often makes you dizzy. If this sounds like you, you should definitely consider installing a second monitor.

    A second monitor has many benefits (and with XP Professional you can have up to 10 monitors). You can open files defined on each desktop and seamlessly move items between them. Articles can be stretched using multiple desktops, so you can view more columns in an Excel spreadsheet or the entire web page without scrolling.

    Windows XP makes it easy to install a second monitor. The tedious part is getting extra memory and an extra graphics card, but the more people upgrade their valuable computers, the easier it becomes to get refurbished hardware. Many people will install a nearly unused 14″ or 15″ ceramic monitor.tiles. You can clean up a cheap graphics card with a computer or back it up separately. Just make sure it’s compatible with XP.

    Installing An Optional Business Card Monitor

    Does Windows XP support multiple monitors?

    Multiple monitors are also supported in Windows XP Home and Professional Edition.

    Installing a second computer screen on board is a fairly simple operation, even if it requires opening the computer. If you’re definitely familiar with opening a computer, ask a friend to fix the problem for you or help out the local computer store. Easy

    Required ladders are listed below. For a full walkthrough, see the July 2002 issue of PC World (p. 118) “Upgrade: Expand your desktop space.”

    1. Turn off the computer and discard the case.
    2. Insert the second problematic PCI or AGP video card into a free slot.
    3. Connect the second one to the board monitor.
    4. Turn on your computer. Windows XP can recognize the new graphics card and install the appropriate drivers. (If you have additional account drivers, by all means use the standalone options instead of the standard XP options. Not only that,The latest drivers are technically superior, and often have features you won’t always find in standard drivers.)
    5. Open “View” in the control panel.
    6. On the Settings tab, click the lock icon for the second device you just installed.
    7. Check the box “Extend my Windows to the desktop, watch this” and click “OK”. (Note: If you don’t normally see this checkbox, it might be because your graphics card doesn’t support multiple monitors.)

    You can set the current monitor in the same way as the main monitor using the Display option in the Control Panel. Features such as resolution and comfort zone can be customized for any monitor. On the windshield of the display, you can also find innovative features specific to the new graphics card being used. To learn more about these additional features, visit the video card or chipset manufacturer’s website.

    Dual Display

    using multiple displays in windows xp

    Many video cards, especially in laptops, come with dual adapters, which meansNo, you can connect two monitors to one device. Windows XP supports some DualView cards.

    using multiple displays in windows xp

    DualView will be very similar to Monitor in one or more of the features described earlier, except that you cannot select vitals. On a laptop, the main monitor is always the LCD screen. For desktop software, a commercially available monitor is connected to the first video port.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • After connecting the second monitor, turn on the computer and select Display from the Control Panel. The cost of the DualView will and may consist of all the settings you need to set it up. Under certain circumstances, a particular Dualview tab is replaced by a board-specific configuration tab, which usually contains advanced features beyond the standard XP styles (see FIGURE 1).

    Alternative Solution: Virtual Desktop

    How do I add a second monitor to my laptop Windows XP?

    Turn off the computer and remove the case.Like a second PCI or AGP graphics card, insert it into a free slot.Connect an additional monitor to the card.Turn on your good computer.Open Display in Control Panel.

    If you don’t need to look for additional graphics cards and peripherals, there is an alternative solution.

    How do I get dual monitors to show different things?

    Right-click on the desktop and select View.On the display, select the unit of measure you want to use as the primary display.Check the “Make this my main listing” box. Many other monitors automatically become a secondary screen.When finished, click [Apply].

    In this April 2003 issue of PC World, we reviewed a set ofhandy tools designed specifically for Windows XP called Power Toys. The Power Toys collection has a robust virtual desktop program that you can use to enhance your Windows XP work environment. With Virtual Desktop Manager, customers can have up to four desktops, allowing you to distribute work to different groups. For more information, see the manual or visit the Microsoft Power Toys website at

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